Cheap Aptamil Gold+ Reflux

You might be learning to survive the first year of parenthood, but you don’t want to replace your trusty breastfeeding with formula after a few weeks. Luckily, this is one of the best formulas out there for reflux and gas. It tastes great too! Get a tub of these low prices today!

Cheap Aptamil Gold+ Reflux – A revolutionary new formula for babies with reflux and gas. Safe, high-quality ingredients that taste great on your baby’s tummy skin.

Aptamil Gold+ Reflux is a revolutionary new formula for babies with reflux and gas. With its unique blend of high quality, low allergenic ingredients it can be used from birth to 12 months.

Its simple recipe is made up of two main proteins which are easy for a baby’s digestive system to cope with, unlike some leading formulas which are made up of over 10 different proteins.

Its taste, with added vanilla and strawberry flavorings, helps make feeding time more pleasant.

Low in sodium and easy to digest, Aptamil Gold+ Reflux does not contain any added salt, sugar, or palm oil.

Additional Information: Feeding products are dispensed from 5 Litre Pouches. The product is packaged into a re-sealable bag which can be used to fill a bottle or teat cup directly from the pouch.
Protein + LCP 0.26% Fat + Oil 0.32% NaCl 0.01% Vitamins + Minerals 0.

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