Atmospheric water generator for sale

A product that has recently started to make waves in the market is the atmospheric water generator. This system manages to convert air into water, without using any expensive or hard to obtain components. It generally serves as an alternative method of obtaining drinking water in regions where fresh groundwater may not be viable.
Let’s take a look at what it can do for you and your family!

The atmospheric water generator is a drying system that uses air to extract moisture from the air. It is able to do so using a system of evaporation and condensation. The system makes use of what’s known as a desiccant – a hygroscopic material that traps water vapor from the air. These materials usually take the form of chemicals such as silica gel, calcium oxide, or magnesium oxide.

The system uses air to draw water out of the desiccant. This is facilitated by creating a vacuum inside the system, which results in air being pulled into it to replace the volume that was lost. The water that has been pulled into this vacuum is then able to leave the desiccant through condensation – effectively extracting it from the surrounding atmosphere.

The main advantage of using fresh air is its efficacy. It is able to extract plenty of water from the atmosphere, without being damaged by contaminants. As well, the efficiency of the system is believed to be high – it is able to extract over nine liters of water per kilogram(L/kg) of desiccant.

This means that it can produce more drinking water with less energy compared to other methods. As well, it is estimated that the average yearly consumption for any household requires around 5L/kg of desiccant.

The atmospheric water generator is an up-and-coming technology, and it has already started to make waves in many regions of the world. It’s currently used by humanitarian groups, including non-governmental organizations(NGOs) and nongovernmental organizations.

Its uses include emergency or disaster relief situations, where it helps provide fresh drinking water to affected areas. One of the reasons that this system is so effective is that it can be installed even in dry climates, where other sources of drinking water may not be available.

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The atmospheric water generators are providing high-quality drinking water across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and the United States.