Isolation Gown

AAMI Level 1

Low weight spun bounded polypropylene gown with poluethylyene coating (PP+PE). 25-40 GSM


AAMI Level 1

Tri layer  low protection gown – made up of low  weight breathable  Tri-layer SMS fabric providing  low fluid protection. 25-40 GSM


AAMI Level 2

Medical Laminate Low Barrier Protective Gown – Made up of medium weight Spun Bond Polypropylene with Monolithic Film which allows the moisture vapor to pass through it. 40-60 GSM


AAMI Level 3

Medical Laminate High Barrier Protective Gown – Made up of heavyweight Spun Bond Polypropylene with Monolithic Film which allows the moisture vapour to pass through it and maintains form under pressure ensuring no compromise in protection. 40 – 60 GSM.


AAMI Level 4

Composite Barrier Tri-Layer Gown – Made up of heavyweight high-grade Tri-laminate Fabric with Monolithic Film. The fabric is specifically designed to resist the penetration of bloodborne pathogens and provide the highest protection to the wearer from viruses. 70 GSM.


Premium Gowns

Ultra Protective Breathable Viral Barrier Gown – Meets ASTM F1671 & ISO 16604 – Bloodborne Pathogen Penetration Resistance. 54 GSM.


High barrier Gowns

Made up of SMS fabric. Meets the requirements of ISO 16603-Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Meets requirements of EN 13795:2019. 70 GSM.


Spun bond gowns

Made up of spun-bond polypropylene fabric having great tensile strength and tear resistance. 25-60 GSM.



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