GENNY-M1, Provides up to 220 liters of fresh, clean drinking Water From Air daily


GENNY-M1, Provides up to 220 liters of fresh, clean drinking Water daily.

GEN-M1 is a medium-scale mobile Atmospheric Water Generator. It is the ideal solution for schools, universities, construction sites, clinics, public pools, off-grid housing, temporary localities, and private residential homes seeking a new, off-the-grid drinking water source.

GEN-M1 doesn’t require any infrastructure besides an electrical socket and works absolutely independently from existing piping. Using Watergen’s patented GENius technology, the GEN-M1 enables the creation of up to 220 liters of fresh, safe, and tasty drinking water from the air around us every day.


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The device uses innovative water purification technology for sediment filtration, mineralization, activated carbon, and microbiological treatment.

GEN-M1 is one of the most energy–efficient AWGs on the market, enabling more water production with less electricity consumption. GEN-M1 produces drinking water in a wide range of climate conditions: from 15°c and 20% humidity.

With no internal tank, the GEN-M1 can be equipped with a complementing system- an external water storage tank with an attached smart quality system, including a controller and malfunction alert system. The complementing system keeps the water fresh all day by circulating it around the reservoir, ensures a bigger storage capacity for the device and access to more high-quality drinking water.

World’s Most Efficient Water Generator  From Air, Provides up to 220 liters of fresh, clean drinking Water From Air daily.


Water generation capacity: Up to 220 liters/day Water temperature Ambient water
Water purification Multi step filtration cascade down to 0.2 micron of water certified filters set, followed by a germicidal UV lamp. Vital minerals balance the water pH to achieve high purification and tasty drinking water. Working environment ≥15°C. Relative Humidity: ≥20%
Water tank External tank required Power consumption 2.2.kW/h (min) up to 3.5 kW/h (max)
Nominal Operation Voltage EU: 230/400VAC, 50Hz; US: 120/208VAC, 60Hz Dimensions (L x W x H) 1590mm x 840mm x 1300mm
Weight 350 kg Air filtration Sub-micron barrier filter that eliminates <2.5 particulate matter
Circuit breaker current US: 2 Phases; 250Vac; 16/20A; slow; ROW: 1 Phase; 250Vac; 16/20A; slow Residual current circuit breaker; Ground fault circuit breaker Water tank External tank is required
Watergen external tank capacity options 500 liters Watergen external tank treatment system Ozone generator, UV lamp, Carbon Filter, Controller, electronic dispenser


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