AcquaTap , Get water anywhere you need it with this AcquaTap atmospheric water generator.

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Get water anywhere you need it with this AcquaTap atmospheric water generator. 
  • Extra bladder bag.
  • Extra replacement air purifying filter.
  • Extra replacement water output filter.
  • One year of premium app service.



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The AcquaTap is the portable, rugged and reliable clean-water solution you’ve been waiting for. The innovative and patented atmospheric water generating (AWG) technologies incorporated into the AcquaTap will allow you to go the extra mile or ride out the storm, tackling today’s global challenge of sourcing clean and safe water in a sustainable way.

Clean Drinking Water Directly From the Air.

Produces up to 5 gallons of clean water per day.* Patented and proprietary condensation technologies coupled with specially designed air and water filtration processes provide clean and safe water for whatever the need.

Sustainable and Reliable Supply of Water Where It’s Needed.

Condenses water directly from the atmosphere without relying on or depleting traditional water sources. Virtually eliminates the need for plastic bottles and bulky supplies of stored water. Greatly expands your recreational and survival options and opportunities.

Rugged Construction and Portable.

Armored to the core, yet lightweight, small, and man-portable.Ideal water solution that stands up to the rigors of recreational, outdoor adventure, disaster preparation and recovery, humanitarian relief, and military uses.

Weight 25 kg