16KVA Silenced Diesel Generator 3 Phase 415V


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Power Source:Diesel.
Product Type:Generators.
Featured Refinements:3 Phase Generator.


  • These alternators are 4 pole brushless with zero THD giving a pure clean energy supply.
  • Safe to use on digital equipment or any appliances that have an electronic motherboard.
  • If using the generator in a remote location, a distribution board can offer different sized power outlets for convenience by purchasing from Powersafe, Hayman Electrical or talk to your local electrician.
  • To maintain a healthy engine, it is recommended to run a minimum load of at least 40% at all times to prevent cylinder glazing or wet stacking. More information can be given on request, please contact us.
  • Even loading across all 3 phases will ensure a long life of your alternator.
  • This generator is weatherproof, however it is recommended to station the generator at least under the cover of a carport or lean to for prevention of torrential rain penetrating the internal components.
  • Change all fluids after 50 hours and continue with the scheduled service plan as per instruction book.


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Product Description

16KVA Silenced Diesel Generator 3 Phase 415V

Why you should buy from Dyder Care B.V.

Dyder Care B.V.  have been a distributor of diesel generators worldwide for over 15 years. Our warehouse currently have industrial diesel watercooled machines from as small as 8KVA for domestic use and up to 2750KVA or more for the large industrial projects.

Dyder Care B.V.  focus mostly on generators using premium brand components like Cummins engines, Stamford alternators and a variety of popular brand Controllers. We also sell less expensive machines using our Kusing brand components which give customers great value for money whilst maintaining a reliable source of prime & standby power.

We offer 12 Months / 1000 hour warranty (whichever expires first) on all industrial diesel generators.

All generator sets have gone through rigorous testing before being released to the marketplace, including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load, 110% load.

All protective functions factory tested include – Earth leakage, overspeed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure, battery charging fail & emergency stop.

With expert presales advice and after sales service, customers have been satisfied worldwide by purchasing our top quality products at very competitive prices. If you require a custom build to meet specific requirements, we are your supplier who can provide exactly what you want.

Dyder Care B.V.  offer huge wholesale pricing discounts for bulk orders & and great prices for repeat customers.

For a freight price, Contact us today for more info.

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